The Life Journey Analogy

The process of living your life

About Life Analogy

In any journey that people engaged in, there are usually 5 components: The journey need (1) a traveller (the driver), (2) a map, (3) a transportation (a car), (4) a compass, and (5) some money to travel.
As for our life destiny analogy, we too, need these 5 components. You are the traveller (1), your life journey’s driver. The map (2) is your life analogy calculations that calculates your past, present, and future. The transportation (3) is your house and your office, which shelter you through your life journey. The compass (4) is those training and skills that you learn along the journey of your life. The money (5) is the alchemy skill which empowers you to make money along the way of your life.

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