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Feng Shui – F.A.Q.

November 18, 2010

Frequent Asked Questions

How do I know that you are a genuine Feng Shui practitioner since you are not a “Master”; how to make sure that my money is well spend by engaging your services?
It is not the title that count, as the “Master” title is just a term without any proper certification since there is no qualified certification available in the industry. To ensure a practitioner is carrying out genuine Feng Shui practices, it is important to judge the practitioner by some “effect calculations”, make sure he/she is able to tell you what had happen to the residents and workers in the targeted survey house or office (of course if it is a new premises, there is no way you can verify it). If the practitioner is able to tell u the effect of living/working in that targeted environment, he/she is a genuine Feng Shui practitioner.
I am offering free-of-charge “effect calculations” (for detail, click on the GPP logo button on this page). Just sent me your interior floor plan with the direction indicator (just an arrow drawn on the floor plan indicating the NORTH direction).

Can I get a discount price for your services?
I am a professional Feng Shui practitioner and I do this for a living. Every project I do is hard work and with extensive after sales services if situation required. Therefore I do not give discounts to clients for my services. If you think that my prices is too high for you, I can recommend my student or other practitioner to you as they might charge a cheaper rate.

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Feng Shui – the elements

Feng Shui includes 3 major aspects: the Form Design, the Energy Calculations and Artificial Forces Detection.

Form design refers to the landscape and exterior environment and the interior design layout of the living and working space. There are many rules that had set for the form design as the criteria for a good Feng Shui home or working space. These rules has to be follow and to be adjusted if clients encounter problems that occurs due to breaking of one or more of these rules.

Energy calculations in Feng Shui refers to calculating the effect of the invisible forces that affects the residents and workers within an enclosed space (i.e. house or office or shop). From my existing knowledge in Feng Shui energy calculations, I classify them under four types, which I’m presently practicing them for my services :
1) Ba Gua Feng Shui – (objective classifications)
2) Eight Houses Feng Shui – (directional classifications)
3) Flying Star Feng Shui – (energy classifications)
4) Lian Shan Yi Feng Shui – (time-space classifications)

All these four method are not mutually exclusive and has to be applied interactively to integrate them for the desired effects of environment manipulation. All these methods has to be applied for fengshui assessment and solution development as no single method is good enough for solving all the problems in any specific environment.

Artificial Forces Detection is an aspect which is not included in traditional Feng Shui practice. It refers to electronic influences, sound and lights disturbance and radiation. These factors are cause by the applications of electronics appliances and industrialization in the modern society. Solution has to be devised to counter these factors that affect our living and working environment.

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Feng Shui – the “wind” and “water”

Feng Shui simply means environment studies in western perspective. However in the traditional Chinese perspective, it also include the ingredients of the myth and a solution for improving their health, wealth, and many other objectives.

Why Feng Shui possess such power to make the Chinese regard it as a cure for misfortune and for obtaining wealth and health? It is because Feng Shui does provide the desired effect when a genuine Feng Shui master had adjusted the “Feng Shui” of a house or a working place!

Throughout the history of China – the biggest agricultural country in the world, the Chinese people have been fighting with the nature to struggle for survival without any advance scientific equipment and aids. These people have to depend on the weather and the natural forces to provide for their living, and they cannot afford to ignore the effect of the environment that can threaten their survivability. Therefore, these people will not develop something that is not useful… even it consist of myth ingredient in these methodology. Thus, Feng Shui is evolve from their experiences. We can see it as the experiential science, although modern science is still unable to explain some the the phenomenon which take effect from the Feng Shui practices.

From years of studies on this ancient knowledge from the Chinese scripts, I have experience the benefits of Feng Shui adjustment, and therefore I am now Practicing it full time as a professional consultant in this field. I don’t call myself a master as I do not have a teacher that can pass down the “Master” title to me. I did helped banks, corporations, residential properties to solve problems that is related to their living and working environment. All of them are my satisfied clients.

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