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BAZI – the four pillars of your life (2)

Published on November 18, 2010

Have you ever wonder:
why there are misfortune happen to you in some point of time?
why are you not born in a rich family? why unlucky things happen to you?
Despite of all the preparation and work have been done to prepare for success, why it still fail?
Why you can’t get the heart of your love one?
Why he or she loves someone that is not better then you?
Why you are what you are now? Why arn’t you born some where else?
and many other why…..etc.
Usually those who are in the mist of success in their lives will not think about the above questions. They will think that they are the one who make things happened. Many motivational speakers also will teach you to build up your own strength mentally and physically…but little that they know about the secret of life lies within the Map of Life. Be it success or failure in any period of time in your life, the Map of Life contain the detail of the whole journey of your life.

Sounds like a myth? you may wonder… but when I’m able to tell you about your pass and present situation, I’m confident that you will belief on your future life that I describe as I go on analysing your life through this map of life. You may not believe these is true, me too previously. But after so many lives I have analysed using Bazi technique, I’m convinced that our lives is destined! Luckily, the Map of Life does not tell us the depth, and the good or bad conditions of the events we will go through. Therefore, we can control our lives to a certain extend as long as we follow the trend of our lives. Besides analysing your life, you will also have a rewarding experience by learning:
Your personal health manipulation method based on the 5 elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water)
Your personal wealth manipulation method based on the 5 elements
Your personal love relationship manipulation method based on the 5 elements
Your luck for every decades in your whole life
Your suitable business partners selection
Teach you the skill of “Planting Money”
Teach you the skill of “Prosperity Attraction”

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