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Published on November 18, 2010

Frequent Asked Questions

I don’t believe life is destine, I don’t believe that we are fated for something, so do you think I still need your Bazi analysis service?
Many people share your views, especially those successful people because they have not met anything in life that is out of their control. But if you really have an open mind to understand something you have not been in touch with before, you will definitely benefited from it. Simply because we are part of the universe, and we are living under the law of nature. It is not enough just to understand and abide by the human law and ignore the law of nature. This law of nature depicts our lives and chart a map for our lives as we are living in her world. Alternatively, you can wait till you encounter down fall in your life which is beyond your control, then you might want to seriously take a closer look at why this is happening and how to salvage it by engaging my Bazi service. However, at that point of time, it may be too late as you might have lost the opportunity to capture and conserve the best part of your life.

Can you really tell my life? How do you convince me to believe you?
From the analysis of your Bazi (birth time, day, month, and year), I can extract the information about your relationship condition (time of going through relationships, marriages, divorce, etc.), wealth condition (time that makes money, and time that lost wealth, etc.), your relationship with your husband/wife, father/mother, health conditions, etc. These are important information in your life that you can make use of. If you know the down fall period of your time, you can control the lost by taking less risks, and taking full advantage when you are in the up hill conditions. Also there are indications of career directions for you, what type of people and direction you can travel to will help you, etc. Basically, it is a session of productive consultation that will open up a new perspective for you in viewing your life and anchoring a certain direction for you to move on in life with positive energy!

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