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Feng Shui – the “wind” and “water”

Published on November 18, 2010

Feng Shui simply means environment studies in western perspective. However in the traditional Chinese perspective, it also include the ingredients of the myth and a solution for improving their health, wealth, and many other objectives.

Why Feng Shui possess such power to make the Chinese regard it as a cure for misfortune and for obtaining wealth and health? It is because Feng Shui does provide the desired effect when a genuine Feng Shui master had adjusted the “Feng Shui” of a house or a working place!

Throughout the history of China – the biggest agricultural country in the world, the Chinese people have been fighting with the nature to struggle for survival without any advance scientific equipment and aids. These people have to depend on the weather and the natural forces to provide for their living, and they cannot afford to ignore the effect of the environment that can threaten their survivability. Therefore, these people will not develop something that is not useful… even it consist of myth ingredient in these methodology. Thus, Feng Shui is evolve from their experiences. We can see it as the experiential science, although modern science is still unable to explain some the the phenomenon which take effect from the Feng Shui practices.

From years of studies on this ancient knowledge from the Chinese scripts, I have experience the benefits of Feng Shui adjustment, and therefore I am now Practicing it full time as a professional consultant in this field. I don’t call myself a master as I do not have a teacher that can pass down the “Master” title to me. I did helped banks, corporations, residential properties to solve problems that is related to their living and working environment. All of them are my satisfied clients.

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