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Feng Shui – the elements

Published on November 18, 2010

Feng Shui includes 3 major aspects: the Form Design, the Energy Calculations and Artificial Forces Detection.

Form design refers to the landscape and exterior environment and the interior design layout of the living and working space. There are many rules that had set for the form design as the criteria for a good Feng Shui home or working space. These rules has to be follow and to be adjusted if clients encounter problems that occurs due to breaking of one or more of these rules.

Energy calculations in Feng Shui refers to calculating the effect of the invisible forces that affects the residents and workers within an enclosed space (i.e. house or office or shop). From my existing knowledge in Feng Shui energy calculations, I classify them under four types, which I’m presently practicing them for my services :
1) Ba Gua Feng Shui – (objective classifications)
2) Eight Houses Feng Shui – (directional classifications)
3) Flying Star Feng Shui – (energy classifications)
4) Lian Shan Yi Feng Shui – (time-space classifications)

All these four method are not mutually exclusive and has to be applied interactively to integrate them for the desired effects of environment manipulation. All these methods has to be applied for fengshui assessment and solution development as no single method is good enough for solving all the problems in any specific environment.

Artificial Forces Detection is an aspect which is not included in traditional Feng Shui practice. It refers to electronic influences, sound and lights disturbance and radiation. These factors are cause by the applications of electronics appliances and industrialization in the modern society. Solution has to be devised to counter these factors that affect our living and working environment.

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