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Feng Shui – F.A.Q.

Published on November 18, 2010

Frequent Asked Questions

How do I know that you are a genuine Feng Shui practitioner since you are not a “Master”; how to make sure that my money is well spend by engaging your services?
It is not the title that count, as the “Master” title is just a term without any proper certification since there is no qualified certification available in the industry. To ensure a practitioner is carrying out genuine Feng Shui practices, it is important to judge the practitioner by some “effect calculations”, make sure he/she is able to tell you what had happen to the residents and workers in the targeted survey house or office (of course if it is a new premises, there is no way you can verify it). If the practitioner is able to tell u the effect of living/working in that targeted environment, he/she is a genuine Feng Shui practitioner.
I am offering free-of-charge “effect calculations” (for detail, click on the GPP logo button on this page). Just sent me your interior floor plan with the direction indicator (just an arrow drawn on the floor plan indicating the NORTH direction).

Can I get a discount price for your services?
I am a professional Feng Shui practitioner and I do this for a living. Every project I do is hard work and with extensive after sales services if situation required. Therefore I do not give discounts to clients for my services. If you think that my prices is too high for you, I can recommend my student or other practitioner to you as they might charge a cheaper rate.

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